Need to work on some categorization skills?  Check out these Category Cards.  The set contains 72 Name that Category cards and 72 What Doesn’t Belong cards.  I tried to include all the of the common categories and then made some a little more challenging.

Name that Category–  For these cards I have the students name all 3 items on the card to work on building up those vocabulary skills.  Then I have the students tell me how the items are related or the category name.  For example: the corn, broccoli, and carrot are all vegetables.  If the student says “food” or “things you eat” for the category I would tell them they are correct and I explain how we can even put them in a smaller group and say “vegetables”.  Some cards are harder such as the cookie, blueberry, and clock are all “round items” or igloo, ice cream, and snowman are all “cold items”.

What Doesn’t Belong –  I have been working with some of my students on “because” so for the What Doesn’t Belong cards the students have to not only identify which item does not go in the group but they also have to explain why which is really challenging.  I’m sure some of you have had the same situation where the student can easily identify which item doesn’t belong in a group of items but struggles to complete the “because” part.

I tend to use these cards when the students work with me in small groups.  I have the students take turns naming the items on his/her card and then naming the category or identifying the item which doesn’t belong and why.  I also created 2 worksheets to go with the cards if you want to have your student work on the cards individually.  You can copy the worksheets and give the student a set number of cards to complete and you can grade the worksheets.

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For more details about these category cards click the following link – Category Cards