This post goes out to all the special education and general education teachers out there! Let’s be honest -keeping track of student IEP information can be a time consuming and daunting task. How in the world do you remember that much important information for 10-15 students or more?? I find myself having to go back through a students IEP multiple times to remember information or answer questions- i.e. behavior needs, accommodations and modifications, minutes of service, annual review dates, etc. the list goes on and on. And flipping through 20-40 pages of an IEP gets overwhelming and time consuming!

But don’t freight!  We have created this awesome IEP at a Glance form that will help keep all that important in one page (double side). So.. instead of flipping through for 40 pages, you can quickly look at this form to obtain information or answer questions.  The front side has space for filling in main information while the backside leaves space for any additional notes.

Download here: IEP at a Glance Forms.

On this page you can take note of the following information:

  • Student name
  •  Birthday
  • Annual Review
  • 3 Year Evaluation
  • Disability
  • Behavior Needs
  • Related Services
  • Incentives
  • Triggers
  • Guardian Contact Info
  • Medical Information
  • Service Minutes
  • Goals
  • Accommodations and Modifications

Below is a gallery of the different color options you can choose from! Also included is a backside Important Notes section where you can add any additional information that might be helpful to you or another teacher. I really hope this form helps make your life a little easier! You can store it in your student folder/binder or keep all of them in one place to easily reference. This form can be used by special education teacher, general education teacher, and copies can given to any other adult that works with the student!  If you are looking for more classroom forms to help you stay organized don’t forget to check out our Classroom Form Packet!