Wow, back to school already?!? Didn’t we just go on summer holiday?? Anyways, I have been working on building my literacy centers for the school year, so I decided to create the these Literacy Sorts. These sorts are directly aligned to the first and second grade Common Core standards. They are designed to use through out the year to help build on and reinforce the different standards. I am so excited to use these sorts in my class, I think my kiddos are going to love them!

Just laminate, cut, and store in plastic bags for easy organization and storage!

Each sort comes with an anchor chart for students to reference. I plan on posting the chart in the center while the students are using the sort. Then once we are finished, I will keep them all in a 3-ring binder for them to refer back to.

I would recommend teaching the sorts to your students first in small groups, and then once they start understanding, move the sort to a center for some additional practice.

These sorts are a great way to build fluency with the Common Core’s Language standards. The sorts also come with a record sheet to easily take data on your students progress.

Here is a video for a closer look at the Literacy Sorts!

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