Winter Break To Dos

Merry Christmas!  Happy Chanukah! Happy Festivus!  Now that winter holiday celebrations are in full swig and you’re probably finally getting some much needed rest (actually sleeping a full six hours!) Go you! Here are the top three things you should be getting done...

Lost Teeth in Kindergarten

I don’t know about you, but there came a point in my life where I had completely forgotten that having a tooth fall out was a thing. Cut to my first year teaching kindergarten, when I was reminded (and horrified) twenty times a day about this important stage of life....

I Have, Who Has? {Freebie}

“I Have, Who Has?” is one of my favorite secret weapons for the classroom.  This game can cover almost any material that you are covering curriculum-wise, from letters of the alphabet in K, to division in third grade.  It seems to be loved with equal...

Center Time Chaotic? What To Do So That You Don’t Pull Your Hair Out

Center time is about as chaotic as your day can get. It is also the most important part of your day because this is when we work with small groups, time for student play, and is the time when most of the ‘problems’ occur. I have found that an organized approach to center time helps you, and the students, stay on task, and get the most out of your structured time.

Tree Crafts

We have been learning all about trees in our class. Here’s a few of our favorite activities! Coffee Filter Leaves painted with watercolors   The kids made trees they would find in the forest and drew animals that would live in the trees. Counting leaves using...

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Here are the top 3 things you need to be doing this winter break to avoid a to-do list panic mode the night before your first day back!!

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For various reasons, our students may not have age appropriate vocabularies. To meet this need, Cinthya created Vocabulary Building Charades to help all students learn new vocabulary in a fun & helpful way!!

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It's all about gingerbread on th blog as we share ideas for incorporating academic objectives using this creative & fun material!

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