Does anyone feel like there should be a “I made it through the first two weeks of school, and lived to tell about it!” award? Yeah, me too. It should be wrapped in chocolate. Anyways, my school’s math curriculum just got delivered this week, yes this week! So what’s a teacher supposed to do without a curriculum you ask? We make it ourselves! (…or find someone who has already made it and use that one.) Let me back up a bit… During the first week of school, I knew our first unit in math was going to consist of classifying numbers as either odd or even, so I did a good ol’ fashioned whole group assessment- Teacher: “Is two an odd or even number?” Class: “Odd!!” Well, at least they were energetic about their answer. Well, I wasn’t going to wait around for the curriculum to arrive, we needed to get to work!

On Monday, I gave my kiddos a pre-assessment, and then we read One Odd Day, by Doris Fisher and Dani Seed. Then we discussed  how to make odd numbers and practiced with the Odd puzzle sort from my Odd or Even? packet.

On Tuesday, we read My Even Day by the same authors. We discussed odd numbers vs. even numbers and then practiced with the Even puzzle sort. On Wednesday, we combined both the Odd and Even sorts. We are making progress here!

Here is a video of my little mathematicians sorting through the odd and even puzzles.

This packet is going to be great for a center throughout the year to keep them challenged and familiar with their odd and even numbers! Also, you can get this packet for free! Wait, what?!? Did I forget to mention that? Let’s call it your “I just survived the first few weeks of school” award! Unfortunately, it is NOT wrapped in chocolate… but it is free! Download here! And please leave some feedback love! 🙂

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