Many of my students had a fun filled month of vehicle activities.  Just to recap my students and I read the adapted book “I Spy Vehicles” and completed a vehicle identification worksheet.  Then we read “Toot Toot Beep Beep” and made puff paint cars.  Finally we played Vehicle Bingo with different level of calling cards.  I also used these Vehicle File Folder Activities along with this theme when I had a few extra minutes left in my speech therapy session or so I could give some individual attention to one student to target a specific goal while the other student completed a file folder activity.  There are many different skills to target with these File Folder games.

The packet contains 12 file folder activities to work on sorting, counting, matching, patterns, numbers, and letters for early learners .  File folder activities are great because they are hands-on and easy to store! These are an efficient way to teach and practice basic skills!

Some of the file folder activities the students can complete independently at a work station or while working with a small group of students.  Other file folder activities my need some extra help for the student to complete.  For example, I helped some of my preschool and kindergartners complete the Put Letter In Order file folder activity because this is a skill the students had not yet master and needed some additional prompting.  We practiced saying the alphabet numerous times during the task to help the students determine which letter was next.  Sometimes I gave the student a choice of 2 letters to limit the visual field while adding the next letter.

File Folder Order Alphabet

My students really enjoyed the vehicle theme and it made my therapy sessions fun!