Previously in speech therapy this month, my students and I read the adapted book “I Spy Vehicles” and completed a vehicle identification worksheet.  Last week we read “Toot Toot Beep Beep” and made puff paint cars.  This week we are playing Vehicle Bingo to keep going with our vehicle theme.  The Vehicle Bingo set comes with 20 and calling cards for 2 levels of play.  I played the Vehicle Bingo game with small groups of students but having 20 boards allows you to play with larger groups as well.

Vehicle Bingo 4

The easy version of calling cards has only pictures to work on picture identification and vocabulary. The harder version includes hints for each picture to work on receptive language, problem solving, and vocabulary building. My students love to play bingo!

Vehicle Bingo Cards both levels 2

This is also a great activity to work on turn taking with others.  For some of my higher groups I had the students be the one to give the clues.  If your students are like mine they love to be in charge!!!!

Vehicle Bingo 2

They are lots of ways to adapt this Bingo game to target different speech language goals.  If you have a student in the group working on articulation you can use a carrier phrase with his/her sound in it.  For example if the student is working on the /s/ sound you could have the student say “I see….” when it his/her turn.  The student could say “I see a yellow school bus”.  That gets 3 /s/ sounds for that one!  For students working on expressive language skills you could have the student say the target vehicle word in a sentence.  So for the bus picture the student could say “I ride to school on a bus” or “the bus brings kids to school”.

I used magnet chips when we played so my students got to use the “magic” want to clean up the chips at the end of the game.  They thought it was so fun to clean up the chips with the wand!