Spring is finally here! What a great time to remind your students about the importance of recycling. The Recycling Unit has everything that you need to introduce your students to recycling. In the Unit you will find many great activities for your students to learn about Recycling. The activities can be used as whole group, broken up into small lessons, or used as centers.

The unit includes:

  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Matching term and picture and sorting activities
  • “Recycling Rules” and “All About Recycling” posters to hang up in your classroom
  • True/False and Comprehension Questions
  • Games such as Bingo and I Have, Who Has?
  • and more!


The Vocabulary Cards are a great way for your students to learn the vocabulary words associated with recycling!

The Elementary Helper

The matching term and picture and sorting activities help the students to sort and differentiate the different terms. They also make a wonderful center! Laminate the pieces and use Velcro for the students to attach the pictures to the sort to reuse and cut down on paper (remember, we are ALL about recycling here!).

The Elementary Helper The Elementary Helper

What would a recycling unit be without some games to play? The Recycling Unit contains two different games, I have, Who Has? and Bingo for your students to work with the vocabulary words that they learned throughout the unit. Again, I would highly recommend printing these out and then laminating them so they can be used again.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.10.15 PM The Elementary Helper

To help connect this unit even further for your students you could always set up a mini recycling area in your classroom with different examples of recyclable and non-recyclable materials for them to sort through. You could even have your students help collect the materials and bring them in from home. When the unit is finished, consider making sculptures with all of the recyclable materials! You could have the students work alone, in small groups, or make a large whole class sculpture. What a work of art that would be!

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