I really like using Lakeshore Learning products with my students and I found another good product to share with you.  Recently, I ordered these Ready-To-Go Learning Packs which have been convenient and useful to use in therapy. The set comes with 6 different nylon packs which each feature a different concept – Alphabet Ready, Beginning Sound Ready, Sequencing Ready, Rhyming Ready, Category Sorting Ready, and Opposite Ready.  The great thing is you can also just order one pack at a time.

Ready To Go Learning Sets

I like these fold up packs because I travel between different schools and provided therapy both within preschool classrooms, general education classrooms, special education classrooms, and my speech room.  These packs are easy to throw in my speech bag and carry to different classrooms.  So far, I have used the Category Sorting, Sequencing Ready, and Opposite Ready packs in small groups with my students and have liked all the sets.

What Goes Together 2

Category Sort – What goes together has the student identify 3 items which go with the scene.  There are 16 different scenes so there is a lot of variety.  I have the students work on naming the items, describing the items, and answering “where” the item belongs for this activity.

What Goes Together 3

Sequencing Ready has been perfect for my younger students with sequencing goals. I have quite a few students with a sequencing goal and it’s really a hard skills for many of my students so they need a lot of practice.  Each scene is a 4-step sequencing task and the pack holds 2 different scenes.  I change the prompting of the activity depending on the student’s skill level.  For some of my students, they can determine the correct order given all four pictures at once.  For other students I give them a choice of 2 pictures to determine what comes next.  After the students finish the scene I have them work on telling all the events in the story.  I really focus on those sequential concepts “first, second, third, and fourth”.

Opposite Ready focuses on building up those vocabulary skills.  Have the students work on matching the opposite pairs together.  Work on naming and describing those concepts.  4 different opposite pairs fit in the pack at a time.  This would also be a good task for students to do independently and then check it when he/she is finished.

These packs would be great to use in the classroom during small group instruction and during independent work centers.  If you want more information about these learning sets check out the link :  Reading-To-Go-Learning Packs