Being a preschool teacher you know all to well the struggle of being overwhelmed with the million of papers and forms you have to keep track of, especially at the beginning of the year! The key to keeping yourself sane, is having an organized system to store forms.  Make sure you choose your system at the being of the year and prep your materials before school starts. Note: your system may change, because as the year progress you might realize it isn’t working and that’s okay. It takes a trial and error to figure out what works best for you! In this blog I will detail one organization system of forms, that I have found works best for me. There is also a freebie somewhere in here, so don’t stop reading now!

The key to keeping yourself sane, is having an organized system to store forms. 

I LOVE to use binders! I use binders for literally everything. I think binders are an effective organization method. You are able to use front covers to easily identify what is in each one and you can use tabs to even further organize the papers and forms within each binder. Above are a few previews of binders that you could have in your classroom. Next week a MUST HAVE teacher form packet will be available on our tpt. Here you will find these awesome binder covers, along with other covers and must have forms!

So…What kind of binders will help you keep organized? There are literally a million forms to keep track of, so don’t be alarmed if you have a lot of binders! Here is list of common binders that might be helpful!  Hint- for forms that will be turned in the office, instead of making a tidy binder you can us a file folder to temporally store them until they are transferred the office! 

  • Lesson Plans/Unit Plans
  • Parent Contact Information
  • Student Information- See picture on R.
  • Common Core Standards
  • Teaching Strategies Gold
  • Student Data
  • Individual Student (for IEPs & ELLs)
  • Core Subjects (Math, LA, etc)
  • Field Trip Forms
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Medical Alerts
  • Collaboration Notes
  • Schedules


In my Lesson Plans Binder, I keep a monthly web form. This form helps the general education teacher and myself, plan for month based on our unit theme we are working on. This web can also be hung up the classroom for your administrators and sent home to parents as a form of communication about what we are learning!  Below is a preview of the Monthly Web, which is also a freebie this week! Click on that blue Monthly Web text to download your freebie! If you purchase our MUST HAVE teacher forms these will also be included!