Science is an area I sometimes struggle with in my classroom. So I’m always looking for new science activities I can do with my kids. I’m lucky to be spending my summer with a girl who loves science experiments. We have been trying all kinds of activities this summer to see what I can use with my preschoolers once school starts. This painting with bubbles activity is one of our favorites.

Materials you need:


Different sized bubble wands

Food Coloring

White Paper

FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-15

First we poured the bubble mixture into a bowl and added food coloring. We mixed the food coloring and bubbles together and talked about what was happening.


Then we used the different bubble wands to blow bubbles on the paper.



This was a fun project to create. It was cool to see what would happen when the bubbles popped on the paper. I think the finished product turned out pretty great!

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